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Больничные лифты

Stable and Safe High Efficient and Energy-Savings

Our hospital elevator is specially designed for hospital, modern medical center, sanatorium and care service center, by utilizing Mitsubishi’s advantages and fully taking into account the particularity of hospital elevator. Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd puts itself in the place of patients and medical staff by providing excellent quality and advanced technologies, and is devoted to insisting on the corporate concept of “Create a Better Life”.

The hospital elevator adopts the VVVF drive control technology originated from Mitsubishi, and works with the advanced Mitsubishi elevator operation control system to precisely preset the optimal speed curve, so as to ensure the elevator travels quietly and stably. Its outstanding leveling accuracy is helpful to relieve patients from pain.

Thanks to the application of the new data network control technology, intellectualization of elevator operation is realized so that the utilization ratio of elevator is maximized and the waiting time of patients is reduced. These features provided as medical matters require make the careful human-oriented concern of Mitsubishi obvious.

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