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Modernization & Spares

MODERNIZATION In keeping with the era, elevator technology changes too. Isn’t it time to renovate or refurbish your elevators? Whether renovating a retail establishment or corporate headquarters or upgrading a residential high rise, EMICA works closely with clients to integrate optimum vertical transportation systems mandated by exacting regulations and by inventive designs and projected function. EMICA’S specialists carefully assess the condition of your elevators mechanical components by conducting a thorough field survey. Based on the results of this survey, we will recommend to retain, recondition, or replace equipment as circumstances warrant. The following factors are considered when determining our recommendations:

  • Safety / Code Compliance


  • Age / Condition


  • OEM / Aftermarket Support


  • Availability of Spare Parts


  • Logistical Issues


Modernization services include:
Survey of Existing Equipment
On-Site and / or Theoretical Traffic Analysis
Modernization or Upgraiding Recommendations with Cost Estimates
Contract Documents
Delivery of equipment
Removal and new installation
Punch List Evaluation, Final Acceptance and Close-Out

The benefits associated with mechanical upgrade include:

  • Increased Rider Safety


  • More Reliable Operation


  • Improved Operating Efficiency


  • Enhanced Ride Quality including:


  • Smooth Acceleration


  • 100% Contract Speed Regardless of Load


  • Smooth Deceleration


  • Minimal Noise / Vibration


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PM Partial modernization Full improvement to control and operation systems, and related functions, without affecting building walls or structure Traction machine and others. (the following are replaced: motor/control panel/travelling cables/door motor/car station/weighting device/landing devices/hoistway switches/car operating panel/landing operation panels, etc.
SM Semi-Complete Modernization Semi-complete renovation with image upgrading and re-use of some components, without affecting building walls or structure Landing sills/door frames/guide rails/counterweight/buffer footings
FM Complete Modernization Total renovation with image upgrading, enabling a new life cycle None

For details of designs and specifications, please refer to the Emica modernization catalog

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