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Modernization of elevators

Very often, many of our customers are faced with the fact that their lifting equipment and elevators, or worked out their normative service life or came to moral and physical wear.

The purchase and installation of new equipment is not always justified, it is possible to Refine and improve existing lifts, to the same new will be much more expensive than upgrading your broken, damaged or unserviceable parts.

It is also worth considering that the replacement of lifting equipment is a complex and very expensive set of works. However, to completely stop the process of depreciation of the mechanisms forced to withstand a significant load is impossible.

When the necessary modernization of elevators?

We have identified a number of signs that signal the need for updating:

  • increased noise levels during operation;
  • the lack of alignment of the cab relative to a floor level;
  • the discrepancy applicable safety standards;
  • low speed;
  • the lack of the required level of comfort;
  • deterioration of interior finishes;
  • the lack of call buttons and control the device;
  • change the destination of the lift (conversion from cargo to passenger or Vice versa);
  • frequent breakdowns;
  • exceeding the recommended lifetime.

How is the upgrade?

  • – dismantling of equipment is performed by using small tools;
  • – upgrade of the lift;
  • – change control systems and electrical wiring;
  • – more efficient installation of the lifting device;
  • – the repair of the cabin or its replacement with a new one;
  • – replacing shaft doors and hardware elements of security;
  • – device of the control system on each floor;
  • – check the guides, catches and other parts of the car.
  • – production, commissioning and testing of equipment.

Modernization of elevators today is safe and comfortable to work tomorrow.

Not worth it on a daily basis to defer problems with the performance of elevators and lifting-transport equipment, as their simple and poor technical condition is not only profitable, but also dangerous.

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