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Escalator & Passenger conveyor

ESCALATOR & PASSENGER CONVEYOR EMICA Technik provides escalators and passenger conveyors producing by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator company.

ESCALATOR Our escalators are systems for the new age of friendly and convenient environments. The application of a pioneering technology enables our escalators to follow smooth curving paths to their destinations. We are not only engaged in constant refinement of the technology to protect a customer’s investment over the years, but also pushing the envelope with innovative products like the spiral escalator. Introduced more than 20 years ago, Mitsubishi remains the only manufacturer that makes these spectacular installations of spiral elevator. SERIES J ESCALATORS Mitsubishi series J escalators offer more than just a way to carry passengers. With years of accumulated experience and advanced technology, series J escalators fulfill and indeed exceed customer expectations, through the collaboration and utmost performance of visual, functional and safety elements. It has noble and elegant appearance, streamlined balustrades with wonderful rhythm, large glass interior panels with transparent elegant beauty. The running handrails with new trend color schemes and the optional glass interior panels provide ample flexibility to suit buildings and environment of any styles. It also applies highly efficient gear reducer and low-noise chain sprockets which are combined with unique Mitsubishi high-precision U-shaped guide tracks and new step turn-around mechanism.

PASSENGER CONVEYOR Use of moving walks is increasing not only at train stations and airports, but at tourist attractions and in major shopping malls, as well. They offer a contemporary solution to growing pedestrian traffic requirements resulting from the greater diversity of architectural designs and the expanded scale of modern urban development. Mitsubishi moving walks are designed to carry people smoothly and comfortably. INCLINED CONVEYOR Mitsubishi inclined moving walks operate at a comfortable walking speed and provide a smooth and comfortable ride to passengers on slopes with a moderate inclination. It offers ideal solutions for the needs of modern pedestrian traffic, in all types of commercial facilities from grocery stores to shopping malls. The terminal drive system incorporates technology from our highly regarded J-Type escalators to deliver superior levels of quality and reliability. HORIZONTAL CONVEYOR A-type moving walks are designed to carry people safely, swiftly, and comfortably. The heart of these walks is a highly acclaimed drive system designed to optimize safety and comfort.


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