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Seated stairlift

The choice to install lifts (also called wheelchair lifts) may be really important in the lives of many families. A choice that aims to make everyday life easier for those living in a multistory building and it is difficult to climb and descend the stairs.
Sitting lifts, we offer Rerman are the ideal solution to move from one floor to another, in security and peace.
Straight, spiral, curved, narrow or wide: no stairs impossible Rerman.
Our lifts to find a place even in the smallest houses. When not in use, in fact, they don’t take up much space and block the way.The seat folds in one simple movement, all that can be done in even older people. It is kept in a horizontal position with the help of an additional engine, commanded a microchip. Services the railing and practical feature automatic folding, thus, does not obstruct the path or access to any adjacent door.

Rerman sitting in the lift, due to its special thrust system with two shafts iduma motors makes an excellent track for each ladder type. Under normal conditions, the engines are working at 50%, ensuring maximum silence, minimal wear and therefore a longer service life and reduces the need for assistance. Each of the two engines are able to do all the work: if one engine fails, the other continues to work.

The following is a summary of the main characteristics of seated lifts we offer:

suitable for any type of stairs (minimum Width 690 mm);
designed and made to order;
easy and intuitive to control;
not bulky (can be folded);
very quiet;
sophisticated design, wide choice of models and locations;
improved safety standards;
low energy consumption;
quick delivery and installation;
assistance and maintenance all over Italy;
2 year warranty.


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