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Compact machine room passenger elevator with PM gearless traction machine that introduce new global standards


stops / rise, m/ speed, mps

32 120 2.5
32 105 2.0
28 90 1.75
28 90 1.6
18 55 1.0
rated load, kg 630 800 1050 1200 1350
Machine Room Area the same as that of the Hoistway
The compact machine room features a newly developed compact traction machine and compact control panel.Space SavingThrough the development of the Compact Gearless Traction Machine and Compact Control Panel, Mitsubishi has successfully reduced the machine room area to that of hoistway, where the machine room used to require an area twice as large as that of hoistway. It offers the most advanced elevator features without requiring a large machine room, thus maximizing the use of building space.Compact Control Panel

The control panel that drives the PM motor has also been reduced in size. Incorporating the most advanced, low-loss IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) into an optimal design, the power unit has decreased in size significantly, making the control panel itself smaller than previous models. The functions and performance of this Compact Control Panel remain unchanged.The VVVF Inverter Control delivers smooth, high-precision control of the traction machine. A combination of these state-of-the-art components contributes to significant power savings, while achieving the desired functions and performance of the control panel.

Joint Wrap Motor

Smaller carbon footprint

With the Joint Wrap Motor in traction machines, the iron core is split like a hinge, which allows coils to be wrapped around the core more densely, resulting in motor efficiency and compactness. It produces a high-density magnetic field for PM motors in traction machines that conserve energy and resources and reduce CO2 emissions.
Regenerative Converter – Efficient use of power

Mitsubishi’s leading-edge technology has made it possible for elevators to conserve energy. The Regenerative Converter makes the most of power generated by the traction machine. Also, employing the Joint Wrap Motor and energy-saving features, the elevators use energy more wisely and efficiently.
The elevator usually travels using power from a power supply (powered operation); however, when it travels down with a heavy car load or up with a light car load (regenerative operation), the traction machine functions as a power generator. Although the power generated by the traction machine is usually dissipated as heat, the Regenerative Converter transmits the power back to the distribution transformer and feeds to the electrical network in the building along with power from power supply. Compared to the same type of elevator without a Regenerative Converter, this system provides an energy-saving effect of up to 35%. (Reduction in CO2 emissions: 1400 kg/year) In addition, the Regenerative Converter has the effect of decreasing harmonic currents.

Advanced Group Control System

Available for standard models, the control system allows for an increased number of cars (up to 8 cars).

Sophisticated Door Systems
Mitsubishi Electric elevators use a VVVF Inverter Drive control system to ensure doors open and close smoothly and quietly. A high-efficiency, one-chip RISC microcomputer enhances the doors’ sensitivity by calculating the weight of the door panels at each floor, the strength of the wind, and even waste in the sill groove. Auto Tuning provides just the right door opening and closing speed at each floor for safety and reliability. In addition, the learning-capable Door Load Detector offers high-precision door sensitivity, monitoring changes at each floor to allow prompt door-motion return when abnormal pressure is applied.

Multi-Beam Door SensorPrevents passengers from being caught by the doors, using multiple infrared light beams mounted along the entire length of car door edge. Doors reverse and open if beams are blocked during door closing.

Elevator cars with Universal Design Features
Our elevators are designed to be easy for everyone to use and operate, as well as simple and safe to ride.
All passengers can expect a safer, more comfortable ride from elevators that employ Universal Design principles.

Car Interior

Ceiling: KD-J5-B06;
Operation Panel: ZCBE-H110
Walls: Metallic Lacquer (champagne gold ZJS-005J);
Car Door: Titanium Plating Etched Mirror St. St.
Mirror: Stainless steel;
Handrail: Round ZYH-RH20;
Flooring: Parquet Floor ZPH-005;
Ceiling: ZCL-GS03 (Color Y116);
Operation Panel: ZCBD-H210
Walls: Metallic Lacquer (Ice Blue ZJS-001J);
Car Door: Metallic Lacquer (Ice Blue ZJS-001J);
Mirror: No;
Handrail: Round ZYH-RH20;
Flooring: Parquet Floor ZPH-003.
Ceiling: KD-J11-B16;
Operation Panel: ZCBM-H610
Walls: Film Pressed Plate (ZYM-001);
Car Door: Mirror Stainless Steel;
Mirror: Semi Body Mirror;
Handrail: Flat, on three sides (ZYM- FH10;
Flooring: Parquet Floor (ZPH-002).
Ceiling: KD-J11-B13;
Operation Panel: ZCBE-H110
Walls: Etched Hairline Stainless Steel (ZXY-006);
Car Door: Etched Hairline Stainless Steel (ZXY-006);
Mirror: No;
Handrail: Flat, on three sides (ZYH- FH10;
Flooring: Parquet Floor (ZPH-009)
Ceiling: СL – 6B;
Operation Panel: CBW-H10;
Walls: Hairline Stainless Steel;
Car Door: Etched Hairline Stainless Steel;
Mirror: No;
Handrail: Flat, on three sides (ZYH- FH10;
Flooring: Parquet Floor (ZPH-008).
Ceiling: СL – 13;
Operation Panel: ZCBE-C110;
Walls: Coated Steel Plate (ZY014);
Car Door: Coated Steel Plate (ZY014);
Mirror: No;
Handrail: Flat, on three sides (ZYH- FH10;
Flooring: PVC Real Stone (PR-18).


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