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Sightseeing lifts

Brilliant and Splendid, Add a Dancing Color Elegance and Nobility,
Taste the Life Beauty



Our sightseeing elevator is a moving work of art, and perfectly combines traveling comfort and visual beauty. Not only is it applicable to large store, shopping mall, exhibition hall, hotel and restaurant, but also it will add a color to office building.
Mitsubishi sightseeing elevator will impart special style and vitality to buildings. No matter it is installed outdoors or indoors, it is bound to become the focus of attention. When traveling in it, passengers will feast their eyes on architectural style and beautiful scenery. It has a dynamic colorful design, which makes it a moving scenery in buildings. The splendid and shining domed sightseeing elevator is the classic design of elevators opening towards the indoor side. Its domed car and down lights bring passengers a illusion of being in the future world. In addition, sightseeing elevators of square type, semi-circular type and cutting-angle type are available. all will highlight the unique charm of the building in which it is installed.
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